Monday, 8 August 2011

Quick tip on raising bed : Do-It-Yourself !

Beautiful raising beds are available for sell in a huge number of places. They come quite handy for those in a hurry; but they are very costly too !

But you surely know that you can build raising beds yourself. There are a lot of inspiration to get online, the best gallery I have found so far is this one.

Oh, and on a side-note : this site is currently in a complete mess/reconstruction. Stay tuned for the final version !

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  1. It's like christmas time when you dig up your first grow out of potatoes from true seed. We have kept two varieties from doing this about 12 years ago, one a purple skin, yellow flesh with a purple ring; the other a rosy red skin with yellow flesh and red ring, and both delicious. They were from the same parent and the best of a dozen seed grown plants.

    Garden centre in Walsall